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The Hertsmere

Complimentary Coaching Assessment

Our expert team of coaches is here to support you in pursuit of your golfing goals. Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for years, we are dedicated to creating more enjoyment and fun for you through better play and lower scores.

Furthermore, we strive to enhance your overall experience with personalized coaching. Additionally, we offer tailored advice to ensure continuous improvement.

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  • Q. What is it?

    The Free Assessment is designed for you to meet the coaches and experience our amazing facilities at The Hertsmere. It’s an opportunity for us to learn a little more about your skills and what you’d like to achieve by engaging in one of our coaching programmes.

  • Q. How long is it?

    We allow 30 minutes for this; it’s not a lesson, more of a fact finding experience.

  • Q. Who is it for?

    The Free Assessment is suitable for all players, all ages, male or female, even if you have never played before

  • Q. How much is it?

    It’s free!

  • Q. Why is it important?

    It’s important to lay the foundations of building a relationship with your coach. Understanding what you want to achieve is a key part of the process because we want to make sure that the programme we prescribe is appropriate for you; we also need to make sure that what we agree upon is achievable.

  • Q. What will it achieve?

    Upon completing the assessment, you will have a clear picture of what the faults and fixes are. The programme will be clearly defined giving you peace of mind that what you pay for will deliver the results you’re looking for.

  • Q. When can I do it?

    The booking process allows you to tap into the schedules of all of our coaches, giving you the flexibility to do this at an appropriate time. Our range and indoor studio are open till 9pm during the week and we are equally available all weekend.

  • Q. What do I need to bring?

    We have a full suite of clubs for you to use, but bring your own if you have any. Trainers or golf shoes are fine too.